How to clean motorcycle helmet step by step?

Do you know when it is time to clean motorcycle helmet?

It’s a question that comes up often. And it is an important one, because if you don’t take care of the inside and outside of your helmet properly, then dirt can get into places where it shouldn’t be. That is why it’s so important that you clean motorcycle helmet on a regular basis or a weekly basis. It will keep you and your loved ones safe from serious diseases. Here are some helpful tips on How to clean motorcycle helmet.

Here are simple 6 steps How to clean motorcycle helmet:

Step 1: Make sure to clean the shell as much as possible. Avoid using multiple types of lube, Use only one. Never mix different types and always apply sparingly. Different mix lube might damage your helmet. Also, be careful when using an aerosol-style sprayer that isn’t designed for motorcycle helmets.

How to clean motorcycle helmet

Tip: To get rid of pesky bugs on your helmet, soak some kitchen towels in water, lay them over the area they’re covering, and rub them away much easier without scrubbing.

Step 2: How to clean helmet visor. This should not only make sure the lens stays clear but also makes sure no dust gets stuck in between the frame and the glass itself. To do so, first, spray it down from top to bottom – making sure none of the liquid touches the edges of the frame. Rub a cotton swab over the entire surface of the visor, starting in the center and moving towards the corners. Be careful when doing this; even though the glass might feel smooth, it has tiny scratches all over its surface which need to be removed before they become bigger.

How to clean motorcycle helmet visor

Tip: Make sure you read and follow the instructions that come with your visors. Some visors benefit from having an anti-fog layer on the inside that you can remove to clean. Cleaning your drop-down sun/face shield if it has one is also important – any marks will be visible because of the high contrast there.

Step 3: Clean the Pinlock. Use a damp microfiber towel to clean off any excess oil on the pin lock area. If there’s still some residue left after cleaning, try spraying with WD-40. It will help loosen any remaining particles and remove odors.

How to clean motorcycle helmet pinlock

Tip: If you take care of your Pinlock, you’ll have a longer life and it will keep fogging up to a minimum. To clean it, use a very soft & lint-free microfibre cloth. With water only. It’s best to regularly dry it with a soft cloth, but take care not to scratch up the Pinlock.

Step 4: See after the visor mechanism. Maintenance of the visor mechanism in a helmet or in a ratchet will ensure easy free movement. For cleaning purposes, you could use water or a helmet cleaner like Motul, and afterward, apply a small amount of silicone oil.

Tip: When you order an anti-fog solution, the bottle should come with a little silicone oil that will help to prevent fogging. You can buy silicone oil cheaply online if it doesn’t come with the purchase. Avoid using aerosol-based products as they may affect your air vents. Gently wipe a small amount of the oil onto the rubber seals around your visor.

Step 5: Freshen the interior. The inside of Arais is easily accessible and the parts should ideally be cleaned regularly. Using products that kill bacteria after every ride, like Motul M2 Motorcycle Helmet Cleaner, will help to keep your inside much cleaner.

How to clean motorcycle helmet inside

Tip: If you don’t have a helmet that detaches, try disinfecting it: take out the visor and any other parts and put them on a towel in the bath. Rinsing them underwater will help you clean everything. I recommend using a mild detergent to avoid any chemical reaction that could be harmful to your skin. To clean the exterior of your motorcycle helmet, use warm water & mild shampoo or liquid soap. Rinse the helmet well then place it on a towel rack positioned near circulating air. Be careful around radiators or using a hairdryer on the motorcycle helmet. If the polystyrene is damaged, you will need to replace it.

Step 6: Put it back together. Put your lid back together, go at a slower pace & adhere to the following instructions in order to make your ride more comfortable.

Tip: If you have any trouble, stop and think carefully about how it should be done, don’t force anything. When removing the inside of a motorcycle helmet, make sure to draw the strap all the way through so it doesn’t come undone when fitted.

You Can Also Check this video to easily understand How to clean motorcycle helmet.


Buying a motorcycle helmet doesn’t mean you’ll keep using it without taking care of it. It’s just like the car; no one wants to buy an expensive car but they don’t want their children or themselves to die because of bad maintenance. The same thing happens with motorcycle helmets too.

You can clean it up by spending a little time working on it. If you follow these tips mentioned above, it’ll be a lot easier to clean your motorcycle helmet.

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