How To Prevent Motorcycle Helmet from Fogging up?

You may think that wearing a motorcycle helmet is enough to protect you from injuries and head injuries but how can you drive safely if your helmet visor fogging up? If your helmet visor fogging up, how will you see clearly on the road? You can adjust it well enough. Visors are made of the best materials nowadays so they shouldn’t easily get damaged. The weather condition can affect how foggy your helmet visor gets.

Your breath creates moisture which mixes with water particles in the air then forms into droplets that create condensation on anything cold like your motorcycle dashboard or even inside your helmet. Breathing heavily through the mouth makes it worse by adding more moisture to your exhaled breath. Cold weather affects how foggy your helmet visor gets.

8 Easy Solutions How to prevent motorcycle helmet from fogging up:

1: Anti-Fog Inserts (To Prevent Motorcycle Helmet visor from fogging up)

8 Easy Solutions How to prevent motorcycle helmet from fogging up
How to prevent motorcycle helmet from fogging up with Anti-Fog Inserts

You need to get an anti-fog insert for your motorcycle helmet. It is a thin, clear, plastic sheet that attaches inside your visor. They are available at your local motorcycle shop or online. There are many brands out there that provide different types of anti-fog inserts which attach to the inner side of the motorcycle helmet visors.

One way to attach them to the motorcycle helmet visors is by using tapes but it won’t stay long enough when you pull it out of the box and after some use so you need to buy other adhesive tapes specially made for this purpose. All these methods provide the same effect in preventing fogging up anti-fog inserts are:

Anti-fog inserts absorb the moisture and stop it from helmet visor fogging up. It also prevents condensation from forming on your visor as such it keeps everything clear. Depending on how much you use them, you should replace them every month or sooner. They cost about $5 to $10 each so it’s a good investment to keep yourself safe during the riding season. You can talk with a dealer for bulk pricing too! Make sure that the anti-fog inserts you buy have a hydrophilic layer that absorbs the fog under your motorcycle helmet visors to keep it clear.

2: Pinlock visor Lens (Prevent Motorcycle Helmet from fogging up)

Another sort of insert that can be inserted into the primary visor is the Pinlock visor lens. It creates a double-pane effect which means the inside and outside of the visor will always be at the same temperature. This allows your visor to remain closed even on cold, rainy days.

The Pinlock visor lens is often made out of organic and transparent materials like silicon. You can simply lock the lens between the pins on both sides of your visor to install it. The silicon edge forms a strong contact with the visor around the insert, preventing moisture from accumulating beneath it.

When you breathe out onto this pinlock visor shield, rather than the helmet visor fogging up like how it would without it; the moisture is simply pushed out and evaporates to keep your visor clear. Replace the Pinlock visor lens every 1 year as it could get easily damaged and scratch causing the fogging up again. It costs less than $15 so you can replace it from time to time.

3: Anti-Fog Sprays (Prevent Motorcycle Helmet from fogging up)

why does my motorcycle helmet fog up a detailed guide
How to prevent motorcycle helmet from fogging up with Anti-Fog Sprays

On the market nowadays, there are numerous anti-fog sprays and treatments are available. Helmet visor Fog is a real problem for people, and most products try to fight it by breaking the surface tension of water with a chemical surfactant. This makes the water evaporate and your motorcycle helmet visors clear again.

Since they contain chemicals, make sure that you do not get them into your eyes or mouth as this could cause harm. Also, try testing out how it works before you go riding down your favorite track by spraying an area on your visor then check if there is any residue left behind before applying. Take note of how long each one lasts before you reapply.

One last point to remember, do not buy anti-fog sprays that contain oil content as it will leave a film or residue on your visor which could attract dust and dirt particles thus making the problem worse. Choose one with non-oil-based ingredients if possible!

Just how effective are these products? Well, to put it simply, they work! If applied correctly, you should be able to ride all day long without having to stop by during your journey just so you can wipe away all that fog on your visor. Once the visor clears again, take note of how much time did it take for the helmet visor fogging up to occur again. It may vary depending on how humid or cold the weather is but how often will you have to deal with fogging up? This should be a good indication of how much you do or don’t need a product like this.

4: Anti-Fog Coating (To Prevent Motorcycle Helmet from fogging up)

how to stop motorcycle helmet fogging up
How to prevent motorcycle helmet from fogging up with Anti-Fog Coating

How about a more permanent solution? Yes, it’s called anti-fog coating! This is applied directly to your visor to prevent fog from forming. It can last for about 1-2 years and the manufacturer will usually apply this before they ship out your helmet.

All you have to do after receiving your new helmet is to wash it with soap and water then let it dry completely. You may want to wear it immediately or if you don’t use it often, leave it in a ventilated area until you need to use it next time. Once you start using the helmet, remember how long the anti-fog coating lasts as such when one year comes around.

5: Foggy Mask (Prevent Motorcycle Helmet From fogging Up)

This is an easy and inexpensive solution to how to keep your visor from fogging up! Made of neoprene, the Respro Foggy Breathguard covers your nose and mouth with a mesh layer where you can breathe out against it. Since this is made of neoprene, it helps to wick away sweat and moisture from your face while preventing cold air from getting into your helmet.

The material used for this does not allow bacteria to thrive on it so there’s no worry about how bad it could smell after using it for a long time. It can also be easily washed whenever necessary and if the need arises; you may replace the mask as often as you like.

6: Anti-Fog Wipes (To Prevent Motorcycle Helmet from fogging up)

Anti-Fog wipes usually contain a special formula that is able to fight off the formation of fog in your visor. Anti-fog wipes are a quick and easy solution how how how to prevent motorcycle helmet fogging up! All it takes is one swipe on your visor, followed by a quick dry with a microfiber cloth, and you’re ready to go.

Simple how it works, how often you’ll need this will depend on how often you ride and how humid or cold the weather gets. Generally speaking though; it should be around once per month but if you notice too much fog, apply it more often than usual. Also, note how long each wipe can last so when 1 year has passed; get new ones to apply how how how to keep motorcycle helmet fogging up.

7: Water Repellents (Prevent Motorcycle Helmet from fogging up)

how to stop helmet visor fogging

It’s how to prevent motorcycle helmet fogging up using water repellents! Apply it on your motorcycle helmet visor and you should expect a longer time span before the problem occurs again.

There are how many types of this product available? How do you know which one is best for your needs? And does it really work that well or not? Well, choosing one may be difficult but reading reviews could help narrow down your choices since other consumers often share their experience with the product; good and bad points alike so take note and read them carefully!

As for how effective they work, simply stated, they do! But perhaps not as quickly as anti-fog sprays or how anti-fog wipes. It may take a little longer but the good news is that it does not require any maintenance.

8: Increase Ventilation (To Prevent Motorcycle Helmet from fogging up)

Increase ventilation how to prevent motorcycle helmet from fogging up, especially in the areas around your chin. Open your motorcycle helmet visor slightly and you should be able to ensure that all the air you exhale goes directly outside the helmet.

Open vents when it’s raining; how will this help how to keep the motorcycle helmet from fogging up? When riding at high speed, opening the vents will drive out any excess moisture and since you’ll be constantly moving, excess warm or cold air can escape whenever necessary.


We hope that through this guide, you could find something that would be of use to you. Motorcycle helmet Visor fogging up is a common issue, However, if it is not properly handled, Motorcycle helmet visor fogging can be a danger to riders. It can cause them to become distracted & have trouble seeing which could lead them into an unsafe situation. There are many different helmets that are available with anti-fog glasses installed in them.

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