Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Motorcycle Helmets

The majority of motorcyclists are perplexed by the choice of whether to purchase expensive motorcycle helmets or a cheap motorcycle helmet when shopping for gear. This is because most individuals think that a costly helmet is safer than a low-cost one in the event of a fall or accident, making it necessary to put most of their equipment budget towards expensive motorcycle helmets.

It is difficult to say whether or not you should buy cheap or expensive motorcycle helmets. Both inexpensive and pricey helmets provide the same level of protection, although a costly helmet will usually outperform it in terms of performance, comfort, style, noise reduction, and more. If you want more functionality and a higher budget, then you will be able to get it.

Not all helmets are created equal, and you also have to be familiar with other manufacturers’ levels of safety standards. In other words, the only difference between cheap and expensive motorcycle helmets is the additional features that more expensive helmets provide greater protection & cheap helmet do have not greater protection.

In this detailed article, I will go through the difference between cheap and expensive motorcycle helmets and offer you advice on which one is right for you.

Cheap Motorcycle Helmet

Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Motorcycle Helmets
Cheap Motorcycle Helmets

Cheap Motorcycle Helmets are frequently sold for between $50 and $150. A cheap motorcycle helmet will only provide the same level of protection as a more pricey high-end helmet, however, the key distinction is that a low-cost helmet will be heavier, less attractive, and less pleasant, which may be a disadvantage. So, if your funds are limited, it is better to invest in a cheap motorcycle helmet.

In my opinion, cheap motorcycle helmets are perfectly safe, but they are far less pleasant and provide less airflow than higher-end brands. If you have a tight budget for equipment, I would only recommend buying a cheap motorcycle helmet.

Furthermore, I strongly advise against purchasing cheap motorcycle helmets from manufacturers with a poor track record. As a result, if you must purchase cheap motorcycle helmets, only buy them from respected brands and not other bogus companies because you will be likely to receive faulty goods that may even be illegal.

Expensive Motorcycle Helmet

Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Motorcycle Helmets
Expensive Motorcycle Helmets

The most expensive motorcycle helmets are those that retail for $150 to $1,000. They’re not only more expensive but also much more comfortable helmets, fashionable, lighter in weight, have a superior ventilation system, and provide greater visibility range. They are certainly significant advantages over cheap motorcycle helmets. Not everyone can afford to buy a helmet at an exorbitant price, especially the average person.

My suggestion is, expensive motorcycle helmets will be a good choice for you if you have the money and want a better one. While most of the time, I’d suggest buying extremely costly helmets if you’re a racer since they will help you in terms of speed.

Cheap vs Expensive Motorcycle Helmets (FAQ)

Are more expensive motorcycle helmets safer?

The simple answer is no. Expensive motorcycle helmets are not safer than cheap ones, and it does not matter whether the helmet has certifications because it will be safe to ride so long as it has certifications.

In reality, a study carried out in the United States that compared safety standard levels between cheap and expensive motorcycle helmets tested six helmets – three of which were priced above $20 and three of which were priced more than $150. The study found that there was no difference in the degree of protection offered by the helmets, demonstrating that a cheap and an expensive helmet are equally as safe from a safety standpoint.

What is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Motorcycle Helmets?

An Expensive helmet is more pleasant to wear than a cheap one?

Expensive helmets are far more comfortable helmets than cheap ones, and this is especially true since the padding and internals of high-priced helmets are typically made of superior quality materials than cheap helmets, even if they do not adapt as well.

In addition, because of the more sophisticated ventilation system that creates air exchange and removes heat, you won’t feel hot while riding in an expensive helmet.

Are Expensive Motorcycle Helmets is lightweight than a cheap helmets?

Expensive motorcycle helmets are significantly lighter than cheap motorcycle helmets since to their higher-quality materials. Expensive motorcycle helmets are constructed of very light carbon fiber, whereas cheap motorcycle helmets are composed of hard plastic.

The weight of a big helmet puts extra strain on the neck, and because it is so heavy, you will soon notice how inconvenient it is. So, if you want to buy a budget helmet, keep in mind the heavyweight.

Does an Expensive Motorcycle helmet provide greater wind protection than a Cheap one?

The interior of expensive motorcycle helmets is generally made of softer materials, which make them more comfortable to wear. The addition of vents and other features help to keep the wearer cool during the summer heat.

So, when you ride with it, you won’t feel the wind in your head. When riding at 80 mph, however, you may feel the wind when compared to riding a cheap helmet, which will make you feel the wind at 60 or even 50 mph.

Is it true that an Expensive helmet is more durable than a cheap one?

Expensive Motorcycle Helmets are more durable than cheap ones since most expensive helmets are constructed of superior materials that would allow them to endure longer than cheap helmets. You’ll also discover that even if you buy a cheap and high-end helmet from the same manufacturer, the expensive helmet will be much more durable and of excellent quality.

Is it true that an expensive helmet provides a superior noise reduction than a cheap helmet?

The greatest benefit that expensive helmets have over cheap ones, in my opinion, is that they outstandingly block sound, especially owing to the design’s form and materials. What a cheap helmet can’t properly do is anything, which is extremely inconvenient. Earplugs are rarely effective in defending against strong winds when riding with a cheap helmet. So, this is another thing to consider, especially if you ride fast and encounter lots of wind while riding.

So, which type of helmet should I purchase, a Cheap Helmet or an Expensive Motorcycle Helmet?

After explaining all of the differences, advantages, and drawbacks of a cheap helmet and an expensive helmet, you are free to choose which is best for you. In any case, any helmet may be beneficial to your health and safety.

Overall, I would suggest an expensive helmet for racers or more experienced riders who have the finances to buy an expensive helmet and are unwilling to give up on all of the advantages that such a helmet will provide.

A cheap helmet, on the other hand, might not protect your head as well as more expensive helmets. A cheap helmet, however, would be much better and highly advised for beginning riders since they do not ride at high speeds. A cheap motorcycle helmet is also suggested and would fit those who are prepared to give up some features to purchase a more affordable helmet.

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