Best Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses Wearers 2022

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT 6 Colors (L, Yellow)
ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT 6 Colors (L, Yellow)
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet (Gloss Black - Large)
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet (Gloss Black – Large)
Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield for Men & Women, Adjustable Size Dial DOT Half Face Skull Cap for Bike Cruiser Chopper Moped Scooter ATV (Small, Patriotic Flag Graphic)
Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield for Men & Women, Adjustable Size Dial DOT Half Face Skull Cap for Bike Cruiser Chopper Moped Scooter ATV (Small, Patriotic Flag Graphic)

The best motorcycle helmet for glasses is the one that best fits your face securely while providing better vision than you would get with regular eyeglasses.

You can get the best vision by opting for the best prescription motorcycle helmet.  This helmet comes with advanced designs, features, and technologies to give you the best head protection, comfort, and performance of the best possible kind.

If you are using normal sunglasses or clear helmets which do not offer the best head protection, then it’s time to upgrade yourself to the best prescription motorcycle helmet which will provide more safety on the road while giving full freedom to use both hands while riding on the busy streets!

We’ve selected the top 12 motorcycle helmet for glasses on the market today.

  • High Resistance ABS Shell With Micrometrically Adjustable Strap
  • Meets or Exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards
  • Helmet Liner / Cheek Pads are Lightweight, Soft and Easily Removable and Washable
  • Sleek and Lightweight Design Reduces Wind Noise
  • Modular Flip-Up Function Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog and Wide View Clear Visor

The ILM full-face helmet is an affordable, high-quality, and stylish motorcycle helmet. It has a sleek, lightweight design that minimizes wind noise. The modular flip-up function allows you to easily open the visor for ventilation or to talk to other people without having to take off your helmet.

This ILM Motorcycle Helmet comes with a lightweight and removable liner that makes it easy for you to clean and maintain your helmet. You can also adjust the size of your strap using the micro metrically adjustable strap system for a custom fit every time you ride. This best motorcycle helmet comes with the best quality and best design at the best price.

  • Lightweight
  • Chin curtain
  • Low price
  • Removable liner
  • Quick-release strap
  • LED light
  • Adjustable vents
  • When the vents are left open, there is a lot of wind noise.
  • When you ride, the front of the helmet mustn’t be left open.

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  • Helmet shown with optional tinted shield. (Ships with clear shield only)
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS shell Construction. Padded wind collar drastically reduces wind and road noise
  • NutraFog II UV-protected shield which is a ClickRelease shield for fast, easy and tool-free shield replacement
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

Bell Qualifier Modular Motorcycle helmet is the perfect choice for your biking needs. The Bell Qualifier Modular Motorcycle Helmet is designed with a lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell material to protect against wind, sun, and rain. The cushioned wind collar drastically reduces wind and road noise while the NutraFog II UV-protected shield is a ClickRelease shield for fast, simple, and tool-free shield replacement. Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust maximizes airflow to cool the rider’s head by drawing fresh air in through vents located on top of the helmet and exhausting warm air out of vents at the back of the helmet. DOT Approved quick release system for simple shield removal and installation with an easy-to-turn knob.

  • It’s a full-face helmet
  • The helmet is well-finished and stylish.
  • The inside padding is quite soft and comfortable.
  • A noise-reducing wind collar keeps you cool and quiet.
  • It comes with a photochromic, anti-UV ray and anti-fog visor for versatility.
  • The protective case is made of a lightweight yet durable polycarbonate shell.
  • It’s quite affordable.
  • As you go faster, the helmet grows louder.
  • It does not have a Bluetooth connection.
  • There is no chin guard.
  • There is no nose guard
  • Some users have reported that the face shield opens up during rides, posing a safety concern.

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  • The Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet for Men & Women by Vega Helmets is the ideal motorcycle helmet for those looking for a more comfortable stylish helmet with its small, lightweight, custom-fit, and feature packed design
  • OPTICALLY CORRECT DROP DOWN SUNSHIELD – Protect your eyes from sun, bugs, and debris while enjoying the sights with the easy to use, optically correct, drop down inner sun shield on the Warrior half face helmet
  • FEATURE-LOADED – The Rebel Warrior skull cap helmet features a NEW size-adjustment dial system for the perfect custom fit for your head, an advanced moisture wicking liner, channeled EPS for increased cooling & safety, and padded quick-release strap
  • SAFE – Meets or exceeds US DOT FMVSS 218 safety regulations and is engineered with a thick, high density fully vented EPS liner to greatly absorb impact so you can feel confident riding your cruiser, chopper, scooter, moped, ATV, UTV or street bike
  • INDUSTRY LEADING 5 YEAR WARRANTY – Your Rebel Warrior beanie motorbike helmet is backed by our industry leading 5 year warranty. See website for official warranty details
  • Fit type: Universal Fit

The Vega Helmet Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet is the ideal motorcycle helmet for those who want a more attractive, comfortable, and feature-packed helmet. The ActiveCool Plus is a lightweight, hands-free design with an advanced wicking liner that keeps you cool and dry by absorbing perspiration and a drop-down inner sun shield that protects your eyes from the sun, mosquitoes, and debris while traveling. A new size adjustment dial system ensures a perfect fit for your head. Whether you are looking for a half-face helmet or full-face helmet with additional features, Vega Helmet is the best motorcycle helmet for glasses.

  • Size adjustment dial
  • Lightweight design
  • Seven colors to choose from
  • Available in six sizes
  • Quick-release system
  • EPS foam liner
  • Does not provide full protection upon impact
  • Not recommended for new riders

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  • Bluetooth technology 3.0 version, 8 hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby. Fully washable microfiber lining and adjustable vents. This Helmet Runs 1 Size Smaller Due to Built-in Bluetooth Module. The size of this helmet: S:55-56,M:57-58CM,L:59-60CM,XL:61-62CM,XXL:63-64CM.
  • One Touch Control for Calling, Answering, Rejecting Incoming Calls and Redialing. Incoming Phone Call Overrides Intercom, Music, FM Radio and GPS Navigation Audio.
  • Supports a Maximum distance of 1680 Feet Between Two Riders While Using the Intercom Function. Two High Quality Built-in Speakers with Full Stereo Sound to Enjoy Communication or Music.
  • Meets or Exceeds DOT Safety Standards. DSP Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression Technology Delivers High-quality Voice at High Speeds.
  • Note: When the Bluetooth System has not been used for a long time, the battery will enter into deep sleep mode and Bluetooth device may not available. Charge the battery for about half an hour to wake it up. The Bluetooth function will be restored after charging. If there is any missing small parts of the item received, welcome to contact ILM customer service for help.

The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Helmet is designed with the latest in Bluetooth technology. Due to the built-in Bluetooth module, this helmet maybe a little smaller than normal. This is a men’s motorcycle helmet that measures 55-56cm on the metric scale and 57-58cm on the imperial scale. M: 55-56cm, L: 57-58cm, XL: 59 With the One-Touch Control for Calling, Answering, Rejecting Incoming Calls, and Redialing available on this helmet. Music, FM Radio, GPS Navigation Audio, and Intercom are muted when an incoming phone call is received. Supports a Max distance of up to 1000 Feet Between Two Riders via Bluetooth. Full Face Helmet with Sun Visor, Removable/Washable Liner, Breath Deflector, and Loudspeakers for Comfortable Experience.

  • Easy to Use
  • Very Safe
  • Durable
  • Long-Lasting
  • Dual Visor
  • Replaceable Liners
  • High-End Quality
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Various One-Touch Functions
  • Noise-Canceling Microphones
  • Has GPS Audio Navigation System
  • This wireless speaker provides a 3-riders pairing range of up to 1,640 feet.
  • There is no pin lock for the helmet.

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  • Built-in Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield protects your eyes from the sun and retracts with the flip of a switch
  • DOT approved quick release chin strap is easy to secure and easy to release
  • Technical fabric liner is easily removed and washable so you can keep your helmet as fresh as the day it was new
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard
  • Fit is long oval

The LS2 street motorcycle helmet is the perfect blend of style and function. The Stream’s sleek, sporty lines are complemented by its refined features like an internal visor, quick release chin strap, and an easily removable/washable technical liner. This lightweight helmet offers exceptional airflow thanks to LS2’s street motorcycle helmet Twin Shield System which includes a drop-down sun shield that protects your eyes from the sun and retracts with the flip of a switch. You’ll also appreciate the comfort provided by the built-in technical fabric liner that is easily removed for washing. If you’re looking for a great-looking helmet that will keep you comfortable on your ride, you’ve found the best motorcycle helmet for glasses.

  • The helmet is extremely light and comfortable, ensuring that your trips are unforgettable.
  • It includes a quick-release system that activates the cheek pads in case of an emergency.
  • The helmet is coated with a high-tech film that offers UV protection for the rider.
  • The shield on the helmet is also optically correct and fog-free.
  • The helmet has excellent ventilation and chin straps for a comfortable fit when racing or riding.
  • The helmet does not include goggles; you must purchase them separately.
  • The cheek pads make it more narrow. It’s only available in a few sizes, so you’ll need to go for a larger size but not one that bobs on your head and hurts while racing.

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Duke GDM DK-120 Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet. Designed with the street rider in mind, the Duke GDM DK-120 helmet is a full-face motorcycle helmet that provides an aerodynamic shell material design constructed using advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy. The interior of this DOT Certified helmet features a double D-ring chin strap with removable & washable liner and cheek pads. It also includes 2 visors: Clear + Tinted in the box.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Sun protection
  • Quick-release
  • Five points of ventilation
  • It May is not fit in all helmet storage
  • Fixed face unlike some removable models
  • Only one color choice is available, matte black

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  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard, product also meets requirements imposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • All LS2 visors are bulit with 3D Optically Correct “A Class” Polycarbonate, a space-age polymer with high resistance to impact, that avoids distortion and offers maximum clarity.
  • Removable and Washable Comfort Liner
  • Quick Release Reinforced Strap
  • All LS2 helmets feature a Dynamic Flow-­through Ventilation. Fully adjustable intake ports and vented EPS work with the rear spoiler and exhaust ports to create a constant, light flow of air helping to keep the rider cool and comfortable.

LS2 Strobe Modular Helmets are designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and functional. The DOT Approved LS2 features an easy-to-remove washable liner, quick-release reinforced strap, adjustable intake ports for maximum airflow, and a dynamic flow-through ventilation system. The use of 3D optically correct “A class” polycarbonate in the construction of all LS2 visors ensures distortion-free clarity and optimum vision. Sizes XS to XXL is available.

  • Retractable chin bar
  • Meets safety standards
  • Comfortable to wear even for long hours
  • Well- ventilated
  • Looks good as well
  • Quick-release strap
  • Swift drop-down visors
  • Water leaks during heavy rain
  • The visors are not anti-fog coated
  • Little expensive
  • The wind noise is too loud. Earplugs are required.

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  • Premium Polycarbonate shell: Developed by Scorpion, our industry-leading polycarbonate shell is engineered to be lightweight, strong and maximize impact displacement
  • Dual Density EPS: Advanced multi-layer EPS provides superior energy displacement
  • Ever Clear Shield: Optically-clear shield with state-of-the-art technology. Hardened coating. 100% UV-A & UV-B protection
  • SpeedView Retractable Sun-Visor: Retractable interchangeable internal sun visor. Choose the up or down position with an easy-sliding mechanism. Also features our exclusive Ever Clear coating on both surfaces
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

This is the helmet for riders who are looking for something different. Featuring an exclusive design, it has a unique shell material shape and aggressive lines that make this helmet stand out from the crowd. The Scorpion EXO-GT920 features our Everclear face shield with state-of-the-art fog-free technology, an anti-scratch hardened coating, and 100% UV A & B protection. It also comes with SpeedView retractable sun visor. Choose between up or down positions by sliding a lever on the chin bar to make your adjustments even while riding. In addition, the EXO-GT920 features a Scorpion AirFit cheek pad system that allows you to customize your fit and add or remove air from the cheek pads with a simple push of a button.

  • It’s a great fit for an intermediate head style with a longer oval.
  • The helmet has the excellent build quality and a tight fit.
  • Visibility and safety are improved.
  • The first lock stop on the visor is too big, allowing too much air in.
  • At anything less than highway or freeway speeds, the ventilation system is ineffective.
  • When upright, the helmet has a small low-pressure dead zone under the chin.

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  • Open face 3/4 design shell offers protection combined with a wide field of visibility prevents that claustrophobic feeling
  • Built-in Twin Shield System Sun Shield makes it easy to control how much air and light you want at the push of a button
  • DOT approved quick release buckle for a secure fit that will stay on your head
  • Fully adjustable flow-through ventilation gives you control over the elements
  • Lightweight Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) shell meets and exceeds both DOT and ECE standards

The LS2 Open Face Helmet is a great choice for track day riders and racers. The large field of vision and the open face 3/4 design shell prevent claustrophobia. The Twin Shield System Sun Shield makes it simple to adjust the amount of air and light you want with a button. The Helmet’s Built-in Twin Shield System Sun Shield allows you to regulate the amount of air and light that enters your helmet. DOT Approved quick release buckle for a secure fit that will stay on your head Fully adjustable flow-through ventilation system for superior cooling Adjustable cheek pads and interior padding to customize the fit of this best motorcycle helmet for glasses.

  • Removable and washable padding
  • 3D laser cut to fit the curves of the face
  • A quick-release chin strap that can be opened with a gloved hand is included.
  • Sun shield is dark which might be difficult to see
  • The built-in visor is not strong

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  • GT-Air II Design Concept.Released in 2013, as SHOEI’s premium touring full-face helmet with an internal sun shield, the original SHOEI GT-Air established this type of helmet as a functional and stylish alternative appreciated by many riders, owing to
  • SHOEI has now released the all-new GT-Air II, a helmet that evolves the GT-Air’s functionality, performance, and design primarily for touring use to a new, higher level of experience.The SHOEI GT-Air II integrates the optional SENA SRL 2 Bluetooth com
  • The GT-Air II is also equipped with a CNS-1 face shield and baseplate system; allowing the face shield to open slightly more in its “cracked open” position to reduce fogging of the shield at low speed.
  • The GT-Air II also uses an all-new extended QSV-2 inner sun shield for improved coverage of the rider’s face in bright sunny conditions.
  • Inheriting the functionality, performance, and design of the GT-Air, the GT-Air II further enhances the performance of the internal sun shield, full-face helmet.Features:Aerodynamic Shell Design:Aerodynamic properties are maximized through extensive wind-

The GT-Air II is a premium touring full-face helmet with an internal sun shield. It offers the same great features as the original GT-Air but now has been enhanced for all-around touring use to a new, higher level of experience. The SHOEI Premium Helmet line is designed to provide the highest level of safety and comfort for riders who value high performance and top-quality craftsmanship. All SHOEI helmets undergo rigorous testing and are engineered to exceed or meet stringent safety standards around the world. They feature a convenient flip-up or modular design that allows riders to change from a full face best motorcycle helmet for glasses into an open face best motorcycle helmet for glasses in seconds.

  • Integrated Sena comm system option
  • Included Pinlock anti-fog device that works well
  • One of the quiet ones
  • Mediocre venting when stopped
  • A bit expensive for a non-modular lid
  • When the anti-fog membrane is in use, the field of view is warped on either side of the helmet.

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  • Intermediate-round oval shape
  • New exhaust ports and shell shape
  • New larger side cowl vents
  • Emergency cheek pad release system
  • Fully removable/replaceable/washable interior

Arai’s XD4 helmet is a full-face motorcycle helmet with an intermediate oval shape that provides a comfortable fit motorcycle helmet for most head shapes. This helmet features new exhaust ports and shell shape, as well as new larger side cowl vents to increase airflow around your head. The emergency cheek pad release system allows you to quickly remove the cheek pads from the helmet in case of an emergency. All of Arai’s helmets are fully removable and replaceable, so if they become damaged during a crash or fall, you can easily replace them without having to buy a new best motorcycle helmet for glasses.

  • Proper venting
  • Comfortable
  • As protective as can be
  • Expensive
  • No chin strap cushion

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12: YEMA YM-829 (Best Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses wearers)

  • Full Face helmet.Outstanding Aerodynamic ABS Shell and Multi-density EPS.
  • Dual Visor Design :Inner Retractable Smoked Visor + Outer Clear Shield.
  • Quick Release Buckle and Removeable Inner Lining Pads.
  • Adjustable Ventilation System Ensures Air Circulation.
  • DOT Approved.For Both Men and Women.

The YEMA YM-829 motorcycle helmet is a fantastic choice for both men and women. The stylish design of the helmet makes it ideal for street bikes, racing, cruiser, scooter, and much more. The high-quality materials used to build this helmet are extremely durable making them perfect for you to use every day. This helmet uses the latest technology in its ventilation system which allows air to flow freely through the intake vents on top of the helmet and exhaust vents on the back helping keep you cool and comfortable no matter what type of weather you are riding in.

  • Price is low.
  • Quality is okay, according to price.
  • Lightweight
  • For both men and women.
  • Proper fitted.
  • No fog removal system.
  • The ventilation system does not work properly.
  • Not quite entirely in high speed.
  • Aerodynamic technology not used.

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FAQs :

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses Wearers?

Choosing the greatest dirt bike helmets for males is just as tough as selecting the best motorcycle helmet for eyeglasses wearers. While there are a few key characteristics that may assist you to choose which helmet to buy, including:

1: Type of Design

There are many different types of motorcycle helmets available; each one offers a unique level of head protection. Full-face helmets cover the entire head and are intended to do so, but they aren’t always suitable with glasses (don’t worry, some are and they’re on this list). Meanwhile, open-face and half-helmets are generally more compatible with glasses while still providing adequate protection to the top and back of the head.

2: Comfortable and Safe

A good-fit motorcycle helmet is also crucial to wearing your helmet comfortably, especially if you’ll be wearing it for extended periods of time. Internal ventilation, for example, can help avoid sweat buildup. The cheek cushions and chin bar strap padding are both common ways to prevent discomfort. If you’re fortunate, some helmets may include interior cushioning that’s designed to fit over a pair of eyeglasses.

3: Shell Material

It is vital to use protective headgear, but if the helmet breaks during impact, it won’t matter. That’s why you should look for one with a strong shell material. ABS and polycarbonate are both common shell materials. Both are fine choices, but choose the option that is best for you based on your needs and tastes.

4: Weight And Size

Check the helmets’ weights to make sure they’re appropriate for you. The lightweight one should feel light on your head. It’s also vital to go for the appropriate size, even if it’s a little heavier.

Is it Allowed to Wear Glasses With a Motorcycle Helmet?

Yes, you can! You may wear glasses while riding your motorcycle if you like. However, you’ll need to look for a helmet that won’t interfere with your eyeglasses. If not, you could become irritated after spending time adjusting your specs correctly.


With the ILM Dual Visor Best Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses Wearers, you can enjoy a safe ride while still being able to wear your prescription glasses. The helmet also comes with two visors that are quick and easy to change out if they get scratched or damaged in any way. If you’re looking for an option where both style and safety matter, this is it!

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