How do Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Work?

There are a number of reasons drivers wear motorcycle helmets while on a motorcycle. Reasons for this may include safety, practicality, and how it makes the rider look. While there is no debate about how wearing a motorcycle helmet can help save lives or make traveling easier, there is sometimes a question as to how do Bluetooth motorcycle helmets work.

Bluetooth technology has been around for some time now. In fact, many vehicles come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities as well as devices such as cell phones and other electronics that have Bluetooth embedded into them. These devices can be associated with your vehicle to allow you to drive or operate the device hands-free; this includes when riding motorcycles and how do Bluetooth motorcycle helmets work.

What Are Integrated Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets?

How do Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Work?

The Bluetooth Integrated helmets are just another way to connect your cell phone, MP3 player, or another device wirelessly. These helmets have Bluetooth capabilities either installed by the manufacturer or as an after-market addition. As with any Bluetooth-enabled device, these helmets allow you to answer calls safely, play music and even speak hands-free through the use of a microphone built into the helmet.

As mentioned before, some people don’t like wearing helmets because of how they look. With Bluetooth integrated helmets this is not an issue because no one will be able to see that there is Bluetooth technology inside of it; instead, it looks like you would expect a normal helmet to look. This is definitely an attractive feature for many motorcycle riders because they want functionality without having to sacrifice the look of a normal helmet.

Can You Add Bluetooth To Any Motorcycle Helmets?

Since the technology is installed inside of the helmet and not as an attachment, there isn’t really a way to add Bluetooth capabilities to any standard or ordinary helmet. Integrated helmets are made specifically for motorcycle riders; this means that they will fit properly and provide you with all of the necessary safety standards features such as ventilation and padding.

Integrated motorcycle helmets also come in a variety of styles although they do tend to look more like traditional full-face helmets than novelty designs such as those found on skateboards. The integrated Bluetooth functionality is built into some fantastic-looking helmets so it’s definitely something worth checking out if you have considered adding Bluetooth capabilities but don’t want to wear a Bluetooth device on your head. 

Types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

How do Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Work?

There are three different types of Bluetooth-capable helmets that you can buy. This includes how do Bluetooth motorcycle helmets work and how they function as well as how they look and feel during operation.

The first type is the more traditional model where the device is built into the helmet and features a flexible mic boom to make talking possible without removing your hands from the handlebars or doing anything other than speaking’s how do Bluetooth helmets work. These types of devices usually work on an induction loop system which requires metal on both sides of the conversation for it to be effective; this can result in some limitations such as how it interacts with people wearing pacemakers or those that use hearing aids, how it can’t interact with someone using a non-metal headset or how it can’t be used with phones that are not Bluetooth compatible.

The second type of helmet is one that has the device built into the helmet and this employs a design where it’s mounted to the outside of your face shield. The mic boom is then flexible enough to be positioned near your mouth for easy speaking; however, some models employ an external speaker that sits on top of your helmet near your ear which allows you to hear the person talking much like how do Bluetooth motorcycle helmets work.

The third and final type of helmet uses a different approach than above by having the device built into a pair of headphones which still functions but may be chosen over other models because of the added benefit of being able to listen to music while riding. These types of headphones are usually set up to have the mic built into them so you don’t have to take your hand off the handlebars.

As in how it interacts with people wearing pacemakers and those who use hearing aids as well as in how it won’t work with non-Bluetooth capable devices, they also come equipped with an external speaker but also may be connected wirelessly or connected by a cable depending on the model.

Why You Should Invest in a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

There are a number of reasons you should consider investing in a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. This is how it works and the benefits that come from them which include, but are not limited to:

Easy Communication While Riding

The main reason most people want to invest in this type of helmet is that you can use it to do how Bluetooth motorcycle helmets work and communicate with others hands-free which can be very important when riding especially if you’re taking part in an organized group ride. It also is beneficial during everyday commuting whether you’re engaged in business calls or just simply talking to someone else.

Music Streaming

Another reason why you should consider investing in this type of helmet is that it allows you to listen to your favorite songs on your MP3 player or other devices while riding. This can be a highly enjoyable experience allowing you to enjoy wonderful music that you’ll most likely be listening to for hours at a time.

GPS Connection

Another benefit is they allow you to connect your phone’s GPS navigation system so you can follow the voice commands telling you where to go. This saves on gas because it allows you to thread unfamiliar roads with ease allowing for endless possibilities that would have been otherwise impossible.

Comfort and Safety

While Riding the most important reason you should invest in a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is because of the comfort and safety standards it affords the rider. It has been designed to fit seamlessly with your helmet so you can use it without having to take your hands off the handlebars or talk into an internal mic that’s located too close for easy communication.

This ensures that your communication is always clear which allows you to drive safely and effectively knowing that people around you can hear what’s going on. Also, it doesn’t interfere with earpieces allowing those who wear them to continue using them as they usually do which serves as a great benefit for those who may be hard of hearing or have severe impairments in this area.

Can I Use My Bluetooth Helmet to Answer Texts and Emails?

Yes, the answer to this question is very much so you can answer texts and emails on your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. However, it’s important to note that most models of helmets do not function with non-Bluetooth capable devices which will limit who you can communicate with immensely. Also, some models only allow for answering calls meaning they won’t allow you to respond to messages or anything else except for initiating phone conversations though it might be possible with other types of helmets.

Is it permissible to listen to music while riding a motorcycle?

Yes, the answer to this question is it is OK to listen to music while riding a motorcycle. It’s important to keep in mind that you should always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle because an accident can happen at any time and if you’re not wearing one you could be putting yourself at serious risk. You should invest in a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet because of its benefits including but not limited to:

Are Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Safe?

The answer to this question is absolute yes Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are safe. Since they were first introduced, there has been no record of any serious accidents that can be attributed to their use which makes it one of the safest ways to communicate while riding a motorcycle, before buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet it’s must be dot certified.


You may be wondering how Bluetooth motorcycle helmets work. This article has explained the basics of what you need to know about them, but if you’d like more information on this topic or want help with your purchase decision, feel free to contact us! We are happy to answer any questions and give advice based on our experience. How will a Bluetooth helmet benefit me? What is the difference between wired and wireless headsets? These are all good questions that we can address for you.

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